Comic strip


• Collector’s release

• Ultra limited edition: 100 pieces

• A unique comic created by Konstantin Chaikin and co-authored with artists of the creative association “Narby Comics”

• Exclusive narrative that combines watchmaking and visual art through comic genre

• Captivating story told in first person: a Russian watchmaker becomes the main hero of the graphic novel to share light one the origins of one-of-a-kind rist watches with Cinema mechanical animation 



Exclusive illustrated story that combines fascinating facts and personal experience of domestic inventor into single concept

  • Pictorial description of the argument that pushed photographer and inventor Eadweard Muybridge to design the first ever motion-picture projecting devise, zoopraxiscope, nowadays considered the origin of all modern photo and video cameras
  • Cinema as the main source of inspiration: where lies the essence of the main feature of the distinctive wrist watches equipped with galloping mechanism and gas checks, in other words a miniature mechanical zoopraxiscope 
  • Simply explained: how the animation mechanism of Cinema model is designed 
  • Fascinating facts about unique wrist watches: in-depth examination of how they work

A greatly desired present for the appreciators of Konstantin Chaikin’s creations particularly and outstanding mechanical watches generally, besides cinema lovers and all it has and still inspires.

  • Collector’s Gift Edition
  • Limited edition of one hundred pieces
  • A unique mix of visual art and narrative genre
  • The history of the emergence of the Cinema watch, presented in the form of a comic
  • Author’s drawings, original illustrations

Comic as an experimental platform&nbsp

An unusual yet fascinating excursion into the world of watchmaking with the help of author’s vivid illustrations, to which no other printed publications in Russian compare.
  • Excellent “gymnastics” for the mind and imagination
  • Elaborated self-explanatory visuals
  • Facts and details that expand the erudition
  • A story told by the watchmaker and inventor reveals the details of the creation of the original and indisputably complex mechanical watches

Edition characteristics

Pages: 12 pcs.

Illustrations: 88 pcs.

Circulation: 100 pieces

Format: 29.7 x 21mm

Weight: 308g

Edition language: Russian, English

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 30 × 1 cm