Watches strap Wrismons collection




  • Main material: black alligator leather
  • Interior lining: black calf leather, green stitching

Collector’s straps for collector’s watches

The Joker tie-strap is perhaps Konstantin Chaykin’s most ingenious contribution to the art of watch design, and he continues to invent straps. The Dracula watch got an impressive Dracula strap with an elegant white bow tie and blood-red lapels of Count Dracula’s tailcoat, the Joker Soccer watch got a burgundy strap with contrasting stitching in style of a soccer ball, the Mouse King 2020 watch got a strap with an ermine mantle. The prototype of the Mars Conquoror Mark 1 watch, the first milestone of Konstantin Chaykin’s Martian program, got a special white Martian strap with orange-red stitching embellished with the fabric of space suits.